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The law firm was founded by Bernard MARGUET and has developed wealth experience and large notoriety in business law, especially in the maritime and transport litigation.

Joining Fabrice LEMARIÉ and Renaud COURBON has contributed to confirm the place of the firm in advising major players in the shipping, but has also expanded its expertise in business law and corporate law.

To provide more services to its clients, including personal law, criminal law and taxation, the firm has developed close collaboration with Peggy HAMEL, Garlonn HENRIO and François JARLOT.

Recently, Lucie CAILLIERET-GRAUX joined our team.

Our team thus comprises seven lawyers recognized for their competence, responsiveness and enthusiasm. It offers businesses, companies and their collaborators with the appropriate legal and judicial solutions to face with actual challenges.

Our experience and our notoriety leads us to assist our clients before any type of jurisdiction, or arbitration, both in France and in the overseas territories and abroad.

MARGUET LEMARIÉ & COURBON is also a member of GESICA a network of independent law firms in France and in twenty countries. www.gesica.org